20 January 2013

Recommended Daily Salt / Sodium Intake Singapore Adults

Why we need to be concern about the recommended Salt intake daily in Singapore for adults (or actually we should concern about the Sodium which is one major component inside the salt). 

Especially in this modern society of Singapore, we like to grab easy breakfast, lunch or dinner like junk food, canned and process food which sometimes contains a lot of sodium. 

So what's the recommended daily intake for adults in Singapore? it's 5 gram or 5000mg (which is about two teaspoonful) 

Actually I'm quite surprised that Singapore Health Promotion Board put this 5 grams as the borderline (based on 2011)  While USA put 2.3g (Dietary Guidelines for American, 2010). Do we Asian can take more sodium in our body? I would prefer to take the middle point 3.65g as my preferred value for daily intake. 

To give you a better idea of how much salt/sodium in the junk food: McDonald's Fries contains 350 mg salt (which I believe is more actually) and BigMac contains 980 mg. 

Salt contains 40% sodium. Sodium is a mineral which is essential for the normal functioning of the body. However, eaten in excess, sodium raises blood pressure especially in individuals who are sodium-sensitive. Scientific studies have provided strong evidence that lowering sodium intake is beneficial in reducing blood pressure. 
Salt and sauces added in the preparation of food and at the table contribute to most of the sodium we consume daily. Canned and processed food also generally have a high content of sodium. -hpb.gov 
So Conclusion, try to reduce your salt intake to the recommended daily intake. Remember taking care your body is like investment, start young you reap a better healthier body later on. Poor investment returns a poor result also. 

  1. Salt and sodium are different. To convert sodium to salt, multiply by 2.5. The Singapore Health Promotion Board limit 5g of salt which is equivalent to 2000mg of sodium.


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