14 May 2013

Alpha Titanium Germanium Necklace Krisshop Review

Alpha Titanium Germanium Necklace from Krisshop / Singapore Airlines SQ in flight shop review. 

I've been using this for almost 2 months, I would say this is a beautiful piece of necklace. The magnet on both side to connect / disconnect the silicon necklace is really cool (with some drawback, I almost lost my necklace because of this). 

for the usability, honestly I don't feel any improvement in my health so far (it claims "increasing energy levels and decreasing body aches). 

on the first week I brought it to the shower, But I'm afraid that it will damage the necklace so started from then onward I always take it off. 
what I like: 
+ Simple and Cool design.
+ magnetic lock. 

what I don't like: 
+ build quality, it's starting to rust now... 
+ you can't bring it to shower/ swimming pool / beach / sport.
+ because of the magnetic lock,it may possible that you accidentally lost your necklace.
+ it's not written anywhere about 99.99%, so I assume it's not.  

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