06 August 2013

Xcape Singapore the Chamber of Secrets Tips and Tricks

This is just a general Tips and Tricks for Xcape Singapore the Chamber of Secrets. There is no spoiler and don't ask me to reveal the clues / answers for this Room. Basically it's just a common tips and tricks in order to have a higher change escaping the Escape Room Singapore The Chamber of Secrets. 

1. Do not rush, if you are rushing you will have the tendency to miss important / hidden clues
2. Be Thorough - always check the items / place carefully 
3. Find the clue and follow the connection. 
4. Always check the answer twice, do not rush
5. it's crucial to get the right interpretation, right clue but wrong interpretation is a wrong answer 
6. Be Creative, ordinary things / items can lead to a clue, 
7. Don't be afraid to experiment with items in the room
8. Don't bother about the off limit place (the staff will tell you and it will be marked) you won't find any clue there 
9. If your answer is wrong then it's wrong, instead of forcing the same answer multiple time. focus again on the clue and make sure your answer is correct in the first place. 
10. Have Fun :) 

I don't want to give too much tips, the less you know the higher your excitement will be. 

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