05 August 2013

Xcape Singapore Review - Chamber of Secrets

Just a quick review of the Xcape Singapore The Chamber of Secrets - escape room Singapore

The first task that you need to do is to find the Xcape Singapore itself, it's beside the Japanese restaurant as the website has mentioned.  
"8 Purvis Street is right above the Shinryoki Yakitori Japanese Restaurant, near Saveur French Restaurant"  

ok so what's about the chamber of secrets ? 
"A crucial witness who could attest for Dr. Hachi's innocence and the existence of the terrorist organization known as "the Company" had died. It's now your mission to uncover his secrets, solve the puzzles and save the world. Can you unravel the mystery of his death?"

Basically the story itself it's not really important in order to escape from the room. and I feel that the story is not related with the objective, and it can be improved. it's quite funny that the objectives is to "escape the room" but it has nothing to do with "the mystery of his death" as mentioned in the description. I can't just find the relationship between investigating the crime scene in a room with a bunch of FBI officers (yea that's you) trying to escape the room... 

the story should be like this "your team is investigating Dr. Hachi death because of the existence of the the terrorist organization knows as "the company" has died. it's unexpected that Dr Hachi prepared some trap for to hide the truth. While investigating the room, the room locked and the count down began, you'll never know what will happen when the clock reach 0. reveal the Chamber of the secrets and escape from the room. 

Some items in the room is also not in a good shape, I believe it has been abused by those desperate souls that stuck with the clues. But it's fine it will not affect the fun of the game.  

The Good about this Chamber of Secrets room / this escape game in Singapore: 
- It's Fun - the time flies pretty fast. 
- Challenging but not impossible - Believe me 1 hour it's not enough
- It's creative, It's not just like the normal puzzle game. You'll surprise how Xcape / the creator manage to think and come out with the clue and room design. 

In the nutshell, you'll feel like inside the movie. It's intense, mind breaking and you'll have fun. The bad thing: it's a one time game, once you play it I doubt you'll go for it again. It's worth the price, I'll say that you must go for it. 

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