14 October 2013

8 Disneyland Paris Tips and the Best Time to Visit

Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studio tips the best time to visit

1. the best time to visit Disneyland Paris is during the low season, avoid weekends, school holiday and public holiday as well.
we went there in the beginning of October 2013 on weekdays, we don't even need to use our fastpass.
we only queued for about 5 - 15 minutes (exclusion we waited about 45 minutes to take picture with the princes in the castle)
believe me you wouldn't want to queue for the space mountain 2 and wasted 2 hour during high season.

2. stay at the Disneyland Paris Hotel and look for the Disneyland Paris Hotel discount.
Disneyland hotel is just 5 minute away from the Disneyland park gate. you'll be able to visit the magic hour - Disney park from 8am - 10am
DAILY in October.
DAILY in November.
DAILY in December.
JANUARY: throughout the month excluding 7, 9, 10, 14, 16, 17, 21, 23, 24, 28, 30 and 31.
FEBRUARY: throughout the month excluding 4, 6, 7, 11, 13 and 14.
DAILY in March.

look for discount, it's good to check the website multiple times (select different country, the discount may applicable to certain country only)

3. Disney parade tips, book your place 1 hour in advance.
everyone will gather to see this so make sure you arrive at least 1 hour before and book your place in advance.
look at the second arrow (bottom arrow) that's where you should sit and wait (the dotted line is the parade path) you'll get a "front view" if you manage to wait over there.  

the first arrow is the place to wait for the fireworks (Disney Dreams)

4. Disney Dreams Fireworks 
gather at least 2 hours to get your best sit. don't forget to check the timing for the Disney Dreams Fireworks.
if you have 4 person or more in your party, let 2 person sit and book the place while the others can still enjoy the ride.

do you see the black baby stroller ? that's the place you should sit and wait 2 hours before the show.

5. best timing for the Attraction.
the best time to visit those long waiting ride is early in the morning 10am or afternoon about 6pm and above.
some attraction has a fix show time, so check their schedule in advance.
btw a must visit show is the Animagique at the WaltDisney Studio

6. Check the attraction closure in advance
click here for the link
it doesnt not gurantee that the other will not close. during our visit Armageddon is closed for 2 days even though it's not in the maintenance time window

7. There are 2 parks - Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio
it's recommend to go at least full 2 days during low season, 1 day at  Walt Disney studio and 1 day at Disneyland park or 3 days during high season.

8. Food and Drink at Disneyland Paris
there are plenty fast food restaurant and buffet restaurant. look at the back of your Disney map upon arrival to see what kind of food they serve.
burger, hotdog, pizza meal is about 8 - 14 euro including drink and dessert. while buffet is about 22+ per pack.
There's a drinking fountain near the toilet.

Hope that you'll have a great holiday in Disneyland Paris. leave a comment if you have any question :)
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