14 October 2013

How to use/switch google+ page for blogger

how to connect/link/switch your blogger private google+ to google+ page, if you are looking for a way not to use your private google+ profile in blogger the answer is to create a google+ page profile, you can see the guide over here 

after that you need to select the new google+ page profile from the blogger setting: google+. 

if you never connect your blogger to the google+, you need to do that first before you can switch it to the google+ page: 

1. go to your blog, on the left side click google+ and click get started

2. it will prompt you to change to google+ (private profile), just activate it 

3. go back to your google+ under my blogs (refer to step 1)  
and you can switch your private google+ profile to the google+ page. 
don't forget to choose the option for auto upload to your google+ page / the comment integration with google+ 

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