14 October 2013

Singapore Organic Soap Shampoo Discount

Looking for a discount for organic shampoo, soap or conditioner in Singapore? 

famous brand like Avalon, Aubrey, Dr Bronner or  Giovanni can be quite expensive in Singapore, if you are looking for a cheaper and discounted organic brand of shampoo, soap or conditioner. you can buy it online for a cheaper price. 

try iherb.com 
they have extensive range of organic shampoo, soap or conditioner with a discounted price. 

1. order more than $40 and you'll get $10 discount (use the iherb coupon below, simply click the image) , below $40 is $5 for the first purchase. 

2. free shipping by singpost 
if your final purchase is more than $40 (after the discount)  else it's $4 
delivery 4 - 8 days, or you can choose DHL 3-4 days delivery but it will cost you $8

3. go to the iherb freebies (top right link in the iherb website) 
choose one item for free, one free stuff per order per item. 

so if what are you waiting for?  looking for the discounted organic shampoo, soap or conditioner in Singapore? looking for the iherb coupon code?

Click the link below, the code will automatically added into the chart.
Copy and paste this if you prefer to enter it manually:

iherb coupon code: zsh998

Happy Shopping :) 

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