15 November 2013

Comgateway Live Shipping Quotation / Gurantee

Comgateway live quote / shipping guarantee. Comgateway can tell you how much shipping costs, before you decide to buy.

1. Provide them the URL of the item in Live Quote
2. Comgateway provide an estimate of the international shipping cost 
3. Buy a guarantee to cap shipping costs at the estimated weight

+ I'm suspecting some is checking the URL and give the quote, so always try to submit it couple of time, you can get a cheaper quote :) 

+ the quotes will excludes insurance, taxes and duties, fuel surcharge and remote delivery surcharges (if applicable).

+ there's a expiry date one you purchase the guarantee. 

+The guarantee can only be applied for items received at your U.S. Address after the date of the purchase of the guarantee and when the guarantee is valid.

+The shipping guarantee is applicable only for the item specified in the quote provided. If additional items were purchased, the guarantee cannot be used or comGateway, at its sole discretion will attempt to isolate the relevant item.

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