05 December 2013

Wisdom Tooth Surgery or Extraction Recommendation Singapore

if you are looking for the dentist / clinic for wisdom tooth surgery / extraction I would like to recommend: Still Road Dental Surgery. wisdom tooth surgery Singapore

wisdom tooth surgery in Singapore recommendation and experience

Still Road Dental Surgery.
Blk 8 Eunos Crescent
Singapore 400008

Contact Details:
Tel: 6841 0686

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays: 8.30am to 1pm, 6.30pm-8.30pm

I did my bottom wisdom tooth surgery twice (4 years ago and recently) over there. Dr Lee was great, he explained the procedure pretty well. His experience and confident made me feel at ease before and during the surgery. 

price for the tooth surgery (Singapore) range from SGD650-900 (claimable by medisave), please call them to confirm.

Here are the common steps that you need to go through for the wisdom tooth surgery / extraction for one / two tooth (I don't have any experience with the GA, general anesthesia)

1. Make appointment via phone for consultation and X-Ray (cost you $60 for a 3D scan for the whole teeth)

2. After the consultation, Dr Lee will tell you whether you need to do extraction / surgery. simple extraction will be handled directly more complicated things like the tooth is inside the gum, you will need to make another appointment for the surgery. (recommended that you take appointment on Monday since you'll get 5 days mc for the surgery)

3. if this is your first time doing the wisdom tooth surgery, don't be afraid and think too much. there's nothing to be afraid of, the LA (Local anesthesia) injection is less painful than 4 years ago. have a good rest the night before.

4. on the day, take your meal 2/3 hours before your operation. make sure you clean your teeth and wear a black shirt (blood stain on a while shirt is very difficult to clean ... believe me)

5. the nurse will ask you to drink some medicine (antibiotic and pain killer) prior the surgery.

6. Dr. Lee will put a swab on your gum before he inject the LA (painless, you'll feel like someone pinch your gum), he will inject 3/4 times.

7. they will ask you to sit down and wait for 10 - 15 minutes for the LA to fully work. how do you know? once half of your face and lip is numb, you are good to go.

8. the surgery will start, basically he will open up the gum, divide the tooth into a smaller piece and extract it out. during the operation you should not feel any pain at all, a slight pain you need to raise your hand and he will give you another injection.

9. after your tooth is extracted, he will inform you and start to stitch the wound.

10. go to the counter to get your medicine (antibiotic and pain killer) and MC letter. also don't forget to sign the form to claim you medisave. (after you receive the letter from medisave, you need to bring it to them and they will issue you a cheque.

11. bleeding should stop between 1-3 hours normally, if you have a lot of red dark jelly, it's possible that you've blood clots and you need to call them.
do not spit out the blood and do not use a straw to drink.

I'm not related in any way to this clinic nor responsible for the recommendation that I made.  I was a patient that wanted my surgery taken care in a good hand of an experience dentist.

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