27 January 2014

Bing Rewards Review Tips and Tricks

You can get paid while searching with Bing Rewards, even though it’s not much but you can earn $5 amazon credit almost every month (Gold Status). 

how bing rewads works? it's pretty simple for every 2 searches that you submitted, you'll get 1 point (maximum 15 point daily). $5 amazon gift cards cost 525 points, so every 35 days you'll able to get $5, not bad. 

So far I’ve earned my first $5 amazon credit, I’m on my way for my second redemption.  

there's also other thing that you can redeem with your points like pizza, credit for your microsoft store and many more: 

Sign up and join by clicking this link

Here are some tips and tricks for maximizing your points: 

1. Do not spend your points until you reach Gold status, you'll get a discount if you are a Gold member

take a look at the above amazon gift card, normal price 525 credit but with for the Gold member you'll only need 475 credits. 

2. Claim the daily offer, you can see that everyday you can click a the link and get 1 point. 

3. Check your bing rewards dashboard, complete the tasks and earn points:  

4. Speed up your Bing rewards searches by clinking the related search on the right side until you hit 15 points. 

  1. For more brave frontier tips, check http://bravefrontierpros.tumblr.com


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