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Deadman's cross tips and tricks for newbie guide and Deadman's referral Code, unfortunately no cheat. the only cheat that I know ...

Deadman's cross tips and tricks for newbie guide and Deadman's referral Code, unfortunately no cheat. the only cheat that I know for Deadman's cross is luck and money :p

if you tried guardian cross before by squareenix, the game is similiar. the only difference it's harder to get 5*, the hunting is harder (first person view) and you may not like the drawing.

the good thing about this Deadman's cross, it's cross device compatible between android and iOS, i tried this by adding a friend from iOS device from my android device.

so here's the tips and tricks for Deadman's cross

1. Enter the DeadMan Cross Invite / Referral Code, to get a rare card once you reached level 5

2. How to get rare cards in Deadmans cross ? 
Hunting, boneyard, invite promotion

there's 2 types of hunting ticket, normal and Elite. with Elite hunt ticket you'll get a higher percentage capturing a 3*/4*/5* deadmans cards  

for normal hunting ticket you can have max 5 tickets, so don't forget to use it before taking any job / play the lottery.

3. How to get Elite Hunt ticket for free? 
from daily log in bonus, Deadmans cross will give you 100 coins on the third day, etc. for the first Elite ticket you can get it at 100 coins and the next will be 300 coins.

you can also get it from lottery, go to ZOM-B / Social / lottery. you need 10 points to play it, you can get a point by click support on each friend.

4. How to hunt in Deadman's cross? 
you'll be given 60 seconds to hunt.
a flashing red Deadmans (break) you'll only need one shot to kill it.
a flashing yellow Deadmans (+10 seconds) you'll get extra 10 seconds after you killed it.
after killing a Deadmans and you have one bullet left, fire it up so when you find your next target you are ready with full ammo.

The shape of the Deadmans determine the Deadman that you'll get, go to Deadman tab / catalog to explore further

5. Chick / Silver Chick / Gold Chick?
give out your silver chick to your friend after the hunt end and your friend will receive free silver chick.
the best if you have 2 device and linked as a friend, you can transfer back your chick to your main account.
silver chick is also the currency for trading, so only use it for your 5* / trading.

6. Deadman cross card type: 
Average: No Bonus
Mental: + 10% Psyche / - 5% Attack
Tough: + 10% Defense / - 5% Psyche
Fresh: + 10% Health / - 5% Speed
Quick: + 10% Speed / - 5% Health
Smart: + 10% Intelligence / - 5% Defense
Strong: + 10% Attack / - 5% Intelligence
Perfect: +10% All Stats

Cards in Deadman's Cross appears to gain exactly 3% of their initial base stats per level.

Referall code that you can use for Deadman's cross (you'll get a free rare card once you reach level 5) 


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