07 February 2014

Flappy Bird Tips Tricks and Cheats To Beat The High Score

Flappy bird is a very interesting and simple game, there’s a joy when you beat your friend score or your own isn’t it?

No real hacking involve in this post, it’s kind of hack yourself to get a better score in flappy bird :p

Here are some tips that maybe useful for you:

1. Rhythm, the timing when to flap those wings is important.  Try to time your jump, how far it will fly, with a little bit of practice you’ll grab those timing.

2. Multitasking, it’s almost impossible while playing flappy bird, turn off all notification and shut yourself in a room.

3. Don’t look at the score, because you will get distracted and under pressure when you’ve a new score.
4. Staying in a low altitude is better than in a high altitude,  try to stay lower than the opening before you flap.  Nosedives create many more deaths, at least for me, but sometimes you can’t help it and need to do it.

5. There’s a collision detection problem (when the game says you’ve hit a pipe earlier than you think) it’s because the collision detection area is around the bird in a square box. Read about it here

6. take a break before you throw away your phone, take little breaks after playing 4-5 flappy bird rounds.

7. Play in a bigger screen to get a better view.

8. Accept your defeat and celebrate your victory, after all it’s just a game, there’s always someone better out there :)

There’s a greater satisfaction without cheating and hacking the game :)  if you have more tips and tricks please feel free to leave on the comment below.

My best score at this moment is 39, what’s yours?

just for fun.. 

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