06 May 2014

The Gate Tips Tricks Guide Cheat Android Game

The Gate Android combines Real Time Strategy with Card Collecting Game. The Gate battles are in 3D, which is interesting.  Your card will be animated as a 3D figure when you battle. The Gate game uses a lot of memory, so be prepared.

1. Don't skip the tutorial, read the notes carefully and it will goes a long way. Card / unit is called as disciple.
2. In the auto battle, you can still move them manually / use the spell whenever it's available. you are able to choose which disciple to be healed in the auto battle (tap and hold the cleric and then drag to the disciple that you would like to heal).
3. Orb. Everytime you killed an enemy, they will drop rage. once the respective orb meter filled up you can use it.

3. Do not forget to upgrade the skills of your card / desciple (do it as often as possible). don't use Gold coins to upgrade instead use the silver coins with the counter. the higher the level the longer the time needed to complete the skill. Priority is in the passive skills (e.g +5% team health) as it will help other cards in your team during the battle.

4. Arena, if you don't have level 15 card do not attack a player that has a level 15 card. simply change to a different oponent (you need to pay with silver coins and maximum 5 times) after it reached the maximum, you don't have to attack simply click different tab and enter the arena again. please take a note by doing this you'll lost the winning chain.
6. Upgrading, you'll get extra experiences for choosing the same type of cards (e.g wind with wind), the maximum level for all the cards at the base level is 10, after you evolve it you can upgrade it to level 15.
7. Evolving. always evolve cards at their max level. you check the status and the evolution level from the top right of the card. example this card lubu, it can be evolved 3 times but this card has not been evolved yet because the indicator (the diamond on the top right) is grey.

you can only evolve the same card with the same evolution level. e.g lubu evolution level 0 with lubu evolution level 0. so if you want to evolve lubu to evolution level 2 you need 4 Lubu base cards. to evolve him to level 3 you need 8 lubu base cards.

8. Friends are very important, add as much as you can. it will help you during the battle and you'll get FP (Friend Point) if you are using their card / your card is used by them.
9. How to get a free super rare cards?
you can get them from summons and events
Sprit Summon -> collect FP (Friend Point)
Crystal Summon -> collect crystal (from quests, events, Arena)
Premium Summon -> use moba coins (converted to in game gold coins)
Captus Mode -> collect normal / advance captus from quests, events and arena. you need to play memory match game with time limit to aquire those cards.
try to get the super rare cards from the event, you can at least get 2 super rare cards, evolve them and join again the next event, slowly you'll able to reach higher in the event.
10. Always upgrade your clerics and evolve them. In the battle keep the clerics away from your other cards, some enemy able to cast an area spell.

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