02 June 2014

PasswordBox Review Password Manager with Legacy and Sharing Features

PasswordBox, finally a password manager with a reasonable price (at least for now). Most of the password Manager like LastPass, DashLane, etc requires a monthly / yearly fee which might not be favorable for some people.

PasswordBox is a service that allows you to store, create, retrieve and share passwords and other personal information, giving you greater control over your digital property - during life and after. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you - and only you - can access and manage your digital assets anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Like the rest of the password manager, you can expect the standard features: auto log-in, digital wallet, secure password generator, no master password transmitted over the web. There's a history for generated passwords as well.

I'm not going to go through the standard features one by one (here's the FAQs if you are interested) but I found out three interesting features that set apart PassworBox with the others.

1. Sharing Feature

Securely share a password with a friend, family member or co-worker hassle-free. Any password changes are instantly synced to all members while keeping you in control of password visibility and editable settings
When I share a password, how is my data encrypted and decrypted?
The short, non-tech answer is that your data is encrypted on your device and decrypted on the device of the person you've shared with, and it remains encrypted throughout the transfer process. Only you and the person you've shared your info with can encrypt and decrypt the info with your respective Master Passwords.
The more technical answer is that when you create your PasswordBox account, a 2048 bits RSA Public-Private key pair is generated using openSSL. When you share a password, a shared secret will be encrypted with the public key of the person you’re sharing with and exchanged with that person. Only after this is done can the person you've shared with be able to decrypt your shared password on their device
more about the sharing feature (click on help and Faqs on the bottom)

2. Legacy

What happens to your digital property when you die?
Your digital legacy can live on even after you're gone by passing it to someone you trust with Legacy Locker. Securely transfer your accounts, pictures, music and other online information to people you care about in the event that something happens to you.
more about the legacy feature (click on help and Faqs on the bottom)

3. Compatible with Nymi ECG wristband

PasswordBox has partnered with Bionym, makers of the Nymi wristband, to make online authentication easier and more secure. Nymi uses the unique signature of your heartbeat to validate that you’re you, replacing your PasswordBox Master Password and providing the security of 3-factor authentication.

The Good

+ Legacy feature
+ Sharing feature
+ Compatible with Nymi
+ Cheaper than the competitors ($9.99 lifetime membership offer)
+ Sync to multiple of platform. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Android Phone, Tablets & Kindle Fire iPhone & iPad

The Bad

- There is no 2 step authentication
- There is no export feature
- Desktop browser plugin takes over your start page.
- Android Apps - buggy at times, unable to login and showing offline.
- One hour is the mininum auto lock timing in the browser.

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