26 August 2014

Free Lastpass Premium for a Year

If you still using the same password for all website then you should be concern and get a password manager.

Have you heard that russian hacker stole more than 1.2 billion user name and passwords recently?

A U.S. security firm has uncovered what appears to be the largest Internet security breach in recent memory, conducted by a group of Russia-based hackers. According to Milwaukee-based firm Hold Security, which conducted an 18-month investigation into the breach, the online gang stole 1.2 billion username and password combos, as well as more than 500 million email addresses. -mashable

Right now Lastpass is giving you a free premium for a year ... what else you are waiting for?  lastpass is simply one of the best password manager out there.

Get it here

you can also take a look at safe in cloud or passwordbox as an alternative.

What Lastpass can do for you?

Save as You Go
Download and setup with LastPass in minutes. Once you've created your account, LastPass prompts you to save new sites as you browse - so you'll never lose another password.

Hassle-Free Login
After saving a website's username and password, LastPass will autofill the login when you return to that site. No thought, no typing, no work required - LastPass does it for you.

Centralize Your Data
See all your accounts and passwords in one easy-to-use "vault", where you can edit, delete, and organize your stored data. LastPass syncs automatically, so you're up-to-date, wherever you are.

Take it On The Road
Need to check that bank statement before you board your flight? Upgrade to LastPass Premium for unlimited use of our mobile apps for complete peace of mind, wherever you are.

go to Lastpass website for more info
go to appsumo for the free premium for a year (take 3 copies if you want)

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