01 September 2014

Javelin Browser Review Android

Javelin is a Android browser focused on surfing the web. Currenlty it has a 4.5 rating and review in the google play.

Javelin is light, simple and quite fast. I like the builtin ad-block, it also offers a reading mode like safari (it will extract a web page and convert it into a text page, so that you can concentrate on reading the text).

it comes with a few swipe gesture to navigate. it has an inbuilt vpn service which called spirit mode ($0.99/month).

I don't like the tab and url bar, it's hard to point out and desribe but maybe it's just me. but the full page reading experience is great, I love how the bar dissapear as I scroll and I've got a full screen preview.

Sometimes I feel that the browser can be quite laggy, but it has been improved with a recent update.

to unleash the full potential such as unlimited tabs, changing the homepage (the default is not bad actually) you need to purchase the full version at $2.99.

What I don't like is the reference to porn and anti government. IMHO, they should remove these bookmarks.

I've heard that Javelin will support something like link bubble and it's for free.

The Good:

+Comparably fast vs other browser
+Full preview
+Built in ads blocker
+Reader mode
+Swipe navigation
+Adobe flash support

The Bad:

- Performance issue once in a while, small bugs
- Bookmark need to be improved
- No Bookmark sync
- Reference to porn and anti government.

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