01 September 2014

Safe in Cloud Password Manager Review

Safe in Cloud Password Manager is one of the best password manager out there in terms of value and feature. Safe in Cloud Password Manager is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

I've reviewed quite number of password manager (roboform, STRIP Password Manager, Dashlane, 1Password, LastPass, etc) but only Safe in Cloud suits me.
The best value comes from the price, it's a one time payment ($4.99). No subscription for Safe in Cloud Password Manager. Safe in Cloud uses a free cloud based sync (Dropbox, GoogleDrive or SkyDrive).

it's easy to set up the sync, but I've difficulty setting up the cloud connection in Android, it wasn't responding. Forced quit the apps and then setup is working again.  While in Windows it took a while before it's connected to the dropbox authentication page. 

SafeinCloud Interface is flat, clean and beautiful.  All data are stored in cards. For example, a card can contain a login/password pair for a web site, or it can contain credit card details. There are several pre-defined templates for your cards (e.g. Web Account, Credit Card, Passport and so on).

You can also create your own custom templates. You can assign different colors and symbols to your cards for a better visibility. You can label your cards, labels are kind of baggage tags or stickers that can be attached to any card. Then you can filter cards by these labels.In comparison with other password manager, I prefer this clean and flat interface.
Safe In Cloud keeps all your data in a password-protected encrypted database. Data is encrypted in all locations: on a phone, on a PC and in a cloud. 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used for encryption. The U.S. Government uses this algorithm for protection of classified information.

Another good thing about SafeInCloud: you can use it in offline mode. Safe In Cloud stores at least synchronized 2 copies, in your local phone and in the cloud. If you are travelling and do not have data connection you can still check your credit card details or any secure notes / info that you have inside the Safe In Cloud password manager.

There is also a password generator to help you generating random and secure passwords.  This password generator performs badly, even though I selected all the option, most of the time it doesn't include one of the criteria and I need to manually add it.

Another drawback for Safe in Cloud, the Chrome extension requires the Windows app to be running in the background all the time. This also means that the extension cannot be used on Mac, Linux or Chrome OS computers.

Safe In Cloud for Windows allows you to automatically import your data from over 90 different password managers. They are 1Password, eWallet, Keeper, KeePass, LastPass, mSecure, SafeWallet, SpbWallet, Handy Safe, SplashID, RoboForm and many others.
It's recommended to do this with the windows app so that you can easily edit, put label and change the color (you can use ctrl + a or shift + select to do a batch edit)

There's a useful feature in the options, you can choose the lock out period (immediately locked out when you switched the app or auto-lock based on time) and it can empty the clipboard automatically if you want to.

 The Good:

  • Flat and clean interface
  • One time purchase (not a subscription based)
  • Cloud synchronization with Dropbox, Google Drive and Sky Drive
  • Offline mode
  • Auto lock timer
  • Free Windows app for mobile and desktop (mac is coming soon)
  • Import tools from over 90 different password managers

The Bad:

  • Password generator performs badly
  • Chrome extension requires windows app to be running in the background
  • You need to purchase Android and iOS version separately

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