16 October 2014

LINE Get Rich tips and tricks

If you love monopoly game you'll love Line Get Rich, don't take this game too serious is all about luck.

LINE Get Rich game play tips and tricks:

5 ways to win 

  • The richest player when the time is up. 
  • Make you opponent bankrupt 
  • Tourism Monopoly: own all the tourist spots (x5 bonus) 
  • Line Monopoly: own all the property (city and tourist spot) in a single row (x3 bonus) 
  • Triple Monopoly: own 3 completed properties of three different colors


If you know you are losing (especially when your opponent have a very high change to get tourism/line/triple monopoly). Try to land on your opponent property, choose bankrupt and quit from the game. You'll get a smaller penalty (you'll lose your cart prize)

Control your dice, to some extend you can control your dice output, the smaller your power gauge the smaller the number will be

  • first bar for 2,3,4. 
  • second bar for 5,6,7. 
  • third bar for 7,8,9
  • fourth bar for 10,11,12.

It's not always right but the higher your dice control the higher the change is.

Don't build 3 building on the first row (green colour) as it is cheap and can be easily bought over and converted to landmark.

Try get the most expensive property, property with 2x toll and the tourism property.

Build landmark as soon as possible. it cant be captured by your opponent.

World cup, if your own a property with world cup do not move the world cup instead choose that property again to multiply the toll.

LINE GET RICH Rubik cube,

the longer the time to open your cube the better the prize
use mystic powder on Gold and Diamond Cube to get the best prize.

LINE GET RICH Character Card,

  • Type C: just sell this card
  • Type B: added dice control (use this card for enhancement) + 1 pendant 
  • Type A: added dice control, Acquire DC (max level 20) + 2 pendant 
  • Type A+: 10% higher stat (max level 25) + 3 pendant 
  • Type S: Discount Toll + ability  (max level 25) + 4 pendant 

A card is good enough to win some game, enhance to max level.

If you have a good A card, buy the best dice first (colorful / space dice at this moment) before buying premium card pack.

*I've used 400 diamonds to open 2 packs of cards + couple of free premium pack and the result only 1 A+ .. it's pretty random so it's better to get the dice first.

Invite your friends to get 10.000 + 5 premium card pack + 50 diamonds

Remember this is game based on luck...

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