28 November 2012

Noise Ninja vs Neat Image vs Lightroom vs dfine

some of the comparison pictures of Noise Ninja vs Neat Image vs Lightroom vs dfine vs Topaz lab de noise.

these are the greatest in the digital era ... a Noise Reduction (NR) Sofware...

Sometimes it's just too hard to look all over the internet to find a good picture comparison with real example.

here I compile some
Picture comparison between Lightroom vs Dfine vs Neat Image vs Noise Ninja
Picture sample between Noise Ninja vs Topaz lab de noise 
Pictures comparison between Dfine vs Noiseware vs Noise Ninja vs Neatimage
Image sample topaz de noise

I know it's fun to read the review and comparing the image from different noise reduction software such as noise ninja, lightroom, photoshop noise reduction.... but let me tell you the best ... download the demo and try it out yourself ... dont indulge on what people say ... sometimes seeing is believing ...

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