08 January 2015

5 Best Clean Simple Premium Blogger Template January 2015 (Paid)

Here is my pick for the best clean and simple premium blogger template, do take a note that this is not free blogger template but in return you will get a clean code and support. 

1. JustGoAhead Clean and Simple Blogger Template
Go Ahead is a template for general blogger and podcaster. It supports frond-end podcasting, so not only your subscribers, but your direct visitor can see it as well.

2. Louazri Beautiful and Clean Blogger Template 2015
Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
Louazri is a simple, clean, personal, modern and professional blog ideal for making a professional blogging, it is your perfect choice for your personal blog.

3. Slycore Responsive Flatstrap Blogger Template

Slycore is fully SEO friendly advance Template, everything is simple, clean and very easy to use. You can build Blog, Magazine, Showcase, Photography site, Audio-Video gallery, Apps and Gaming sites.

4. FlatMag Blogger Template 2015
FlatMag Blogger Template is a simple & clean designed with a fresh flat style and with a great responsive design. This theme perfect for magazine or personal websites.

5. Sandal Jepit Blogger Template 2015
Sandal Jepit, a truly great and clean template for creative people. It’s perfect for a variety of purposes, although focused towards Photographers and those using Portfolios to display their past and present work collections.

  1. Hi... do I have to bring the application form from home or they will provide it?

  2. They provide it.
    Or you can download it from the website

  3. hi if i got my visa appoved can i still go to other states even if its not on my itinerary?say last minute we want to travel to other place..thanks

  4. Yes if it's a Multi entry visit. Make sure the country that you'll visit is part of schengen. http://www.schengenvisainfo.com

  5. great! yes ofcourse its still a part of schengen,just a bit of confusion coz some blogs saying that you have to follow the itinerary.

  6. you don't have to, but sometimes they will ask you the purpose of visit / document like hotel stay, return ticket, etc at the airport immigration. It's a good practice to always have it with you.

  7. yah better be ready right,i have one more question u think this is possible,our route us like this singapore-london-germany-paris-italy-singapore.?...ofcourse i know i need two visa,for uk and schengen..thanks

  8. yea it's possible, please take a note to apply the visa you need your transport itinerary (flight) and hotel booking confirmation.

    don't forget to check in advance the mode of transportation in Europe, train / flight

  9. yes i will.but because most of the time i will stay in my cousins house so il be getting an invitation from him and can i just state on the iti that we will go by car when travelling?except for those far states then we need to book trains/planes/hotel.

    i have an another option,to avoid hassles on invitation im thinking to just get reservations from hotels that has free cancellations?

  10. that will work also, hotel with free cancellation. I never write down travelling by car so I can't give advice on that, but they normally check and make sure that the travel and hotel matched during the visa application.

  11. great!thanks for those advice!.il post here again for other questions :)

  12. hello i need some help..my husband and i will visit my aunt and her
    family in uk.but on the online application there's no "aunt" "uncle"
    "cousin on the relationship option..what will i put?thanks

  13. Hi racquel,
    I've checked the UK form, you can add the detail in 8.9 do you have any relative in UK? For online form I'm sorry I don't have any experience on that, maybe you can call them.


  14. Hi there, thank you for the information, it's very helpful, just wondering if they do express passport renewal? since my work require me to travel extensively.

  15. yes, just bring the info about your work (company card, etc), next schedule flight etc, they do have some information about cabin crew / ship crew in the KBRI website. too bad currently the KBRI website is down so can't give you the exact link.

  16. Yes indeed,very helpful and details..thank you very much for posting it..


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