23 March 2015

Hearthstone Guide Cheat Tips and Tricks (Beginner)

Just a simple guide, tips and tricks for starting your adventure in this battle card game "Hearthstone". there's one cheat, well it's not exactly a cheat but anyway in the daily quest if you don't like the mission you can press the small little x button to get a new one, so if you have received a 40 coins mission you can re roll it and hopefully you'll get a better mission. pressing the x.
1. Defeat all AI in the practice mode to get a decent amount of cards and flexibility in choosing the hero,
2. Defeat all the expert AI in the practice mode, go from the top to the bottom so that you can keep track.
3. Level up every hero to level 10 before entering the arena. you need all the hero to level 10 to unlock all the basic cards.
4. The first time you disenchant cards, you'll get 90 extra dust
5. if you don't need dust urgently, you can wait until blizzards made changes to the card, when they did that you can disenchant and get the full value of the cards. of course there's no guarantee, so you need to keep watching the patch log and some luck.
6. Keep your dust to craft a legendary card.
7.  How to get gold
1. Daily quest, you can have up to 3 quests at the same time.
2. Play (PvP) you'll get 10 Gold for 3 wins, up to 100 gold per day.
3. Hidden Quest, certain completion will rewards you with one time gift
100 golds
getting any class to level 10
getting every class to level 10
defeating every AI hero in practice mode
defeating every expert AI hero in the practice mode
Collecting every card in the expert set
300 golds
your first 100 wins
your first 1000 wins
8. Arena,it's a draft mode. per entry 150 Gold. you'll always receive a pack even though you had 0 win. if you win 3-4 times you'll receive 50 golds +, 7 times you'll get 150 golds +.
9. Read and learn how to build a deck, you won't survive vs other player if you are usingyour default deck. you can go to site like  liquidhearth.com or hearthpwn.com

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