06 April 2015

Latex Mattress Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Millennium Amour Review

It's difficult to find review on Full Latex Mattress in Singapore, this post is not an in-depth review of the Dunlopillo Latex Mattress but hopefully it can help you in some way. 

I've visited Sealy, Serta, King koil and others brand to look for a mattress. Most of them have one thing in common, the more expensive it is the better the the top part of the bed that's include a ticker latex / memory foam.  The only "known branded mattress" in Singapore that sells a full latex mattress is Dunlopillo (visited Sealy, Serta, King Koil, Simmons, Englander). 

There are two type that Dunlopillo Singapore is showing in their showroom (Marina Square and Citry Square) and website: Royal Sovereign and Royal Millenium. 

The pictures in their website is a little bit misleading, the sovereign mattress color supposed to be cream and without the topper. 

There's actually the third model of the full latex in Singapore market, it's called Amour (Europa Collection).  The only reference that I can find in the internet is from two sources: one is from Dunlopillo Korea and The Star (October 2012)  

Dunlopillo, a trusted and leading brand in the Malaysian bedding industry, continues to satisfy customers’ demand for quality bedding by introducing two new luxury mattress collections — Europa and Prosperity — which are made using advanced technology and superior materials.

The Europa Collection, which consists of two series — Aire (PurAire, MaxAire and NeuAire mattresses) and Romance (Amour, Adora and Alegra mattresses) — are made in Europe.

he Aire Series is made using a technologically advanced ventilation system, which provides the perfect progressive balance of comfort and support, while the Romance Series is made using Talalay latex, the finest latex available.

Targeted at the mid- to high-end market, the Prosperity (from RM9,960) and Europa (from RM13,360) collections will be available in Malaysia by next month.

Not sure why the Amour in the Korean website mentioned that it's "complete" in Malaysia, while they claimed is made in Europe. 

I found a test unit for Amour Dunlopillo in the furniture show in Expo. and there is a red label showing that it's made from Talalay Latex and made in Spain. 

the red label: 
AMOUR made in Spain. 

The sales person in the showroom said to me that this is a discontinued model, they do have some stock in their warehouse. the sales person also said this is a better mattress compared to Royal Sovereign. 

While the sales person in the Expo is telling us that this is not a discontinued model rather than Dunlopillo Singapore doesn't import this anymore because it's getting more expensive to get it from Europe than US, while they are able to import it in on the request basis and they have also some stock in their warehouse. When I asked this in Expo, the sales person explained that this is on request basis and not all retailer / showroom able to provide this because it's for a different market even at the beginning is for Asia market. 

I'm a bit skeptical on this mattress, I can sense that they want to clear the stock by giving the same price as the Royal Sovereign at the beginning, at the end the price difference is about 300SGD more expensive than the Sovereign Latex. 

it's up to you which one to believe: 
A. it's a superior product and Dunlopillo try to change it with more cost effective full latex mattress from USA (Royal Sovereign) 
B. it's a discontinued model, the reason is just an excuse to clear their stock. 
C. it's superior product and they tried to clear their stock. 

Dunlopillo Royal Millennium
30cm Talalay Latex 
Price: SGD 4388 (Discount range 5-10%)  
Medium - soft firmness 
Latex from USA

Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign
20.3 cm (8 inch) Talalay Latex
Price: SGD 2988  (Discount range 10-20%) 
Hard- medium firmness
Latex from USA

Dunlopillo Amour 
22.8 cm (9 inch) Talalay Latex
Price: SGD 3238 (Discount range 10-20%)
Medium firmness (in between Sovereign and Millennium)
Latex from Spain

In the end I choose Dunlopillo Amour because of the firmness, price and the "red label" showing that it's made in Spain and it feels more luxurious :p. If you tight on budget get the Royal Sovereign (a little bit to hard for some people but definitely more comfortable than cheap spring mattress) else if you like a soft, water bed feeling take Royal Millennium. 

1. Try to decide on the mattress model and note down the price before going to expo. 
2. Best time to go to expo is at Saturday/ Normal day so that you can call other dealer or showroom for price comparison.
3. Best time to buy is in the last 2 days/ last day, they have sales target that they need to hit thus can give you a bigger discount, drawback: hot and cheap item may be gone by then. 
4. Do not lock in your price immediately, take your time and call the official showroom / 1-2 other dealer and ask them to beat the price at the expo (don't forget about the freebies as well)  
5. Confirm that the price is include GST and delivery. 

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