30 November 2015

Freeletics Review High Intensity Training

Short review on the fitness app called Freeletics. Freeletics is as a high intensity interval training using your own body weight. This can be a little bit vague as actually you still needs some equipment to support, such as pull up bar, some place to to run sometimes.

Recently they added a new feature called 2x2 (you only need a 2x2 meters space to exercise) eg they replace the distance running with 2x40 meters run with 75 jumping jack, but it still doesn't replace the pull up bar. 

Freeletics is divided by 3 sections: Workout is a set of exercise, individual exercise and running. 

There are three categories for workout or exercise: endurance, standard and strength. Endurance is easier and focus on repetition (to get lean), standard is a mix of endurance & strength and strength  is targeting to build the muscle which is also the hardest among the other two. 

There is also a feed and profile section to follow your friend and see their progress. Freeletics has a pretty good social interaction where you can give motivation to your friend and also compare their workout against yours. 

For each training and exercise you've completed, you will get points. Your points will be added to your profile and it will decide your level. Freeletics points and levels are used for comparability purposes with other athletes and yourself. 

You can also see your progress on each of the workout . This is a very useful feature and it will motivate you even further knowing that you made some progress. 

The selling points of Freeletics is their coaching program (you need to subscribe and pay for it), you can still use Freeletics for free but with limited workout option and excluding the coaching. 

The coaching is a program that will give you weekly schedule based on your fitness. There will be a fitness test at beginning where you need to rate the difficulties of exercises, from there they will create a custom training plan for you. 

You can also choose your training days, focus (get lean, cardio and strength or build muscle). Currently there is no way to change the training days for the current week, you can only change if for the following week.

If you are injured, you can also put some limitation and the training plan will exclude those part. 

Each of the section consists of dynamic warm up, the workouts and the static stretching 

At the end of the workout, Freeletics will ask you to give some feedback, this feedback will be used to determine your next week training plan. 

After using the coach for 4 weeks, I would say that It's a pretty solid app, of course some improvement need to be made. 

This app is better than high intensity workout in DVD. I've tried insanity and body combat but it doesn't work for me basically because I'm can't take a break in between. Other strong point for Freeletics compared to other DVD exercise is that the training plan, it will start based on your current fitness level and gradually increase the intensity of the training each week. 

The exercise looks very hard to do (imagine 100 burpess) but it's achievable if you are following the training plan. Take a break when necessary, it's quite intense so you don't want to injured yourself and put you out for weeks. 

Price is a little bit expensive (for me) but it's a commitment, this going to be one of the motivation to keep going on because you've paid. 

I would like to see the dynamic warm up and static stretching to be improved, they will ask you to do certain exercise bad count it for 45 seconds, please add timer on the app to auto count this, if you can put some motivational speech in between it will be even better! 

When you are doing the workout, you need to go back to your phone and manually press the screen to go to the next section.  How about accepting some voice command? Like "next" to go to the next section instead manually pressing, sometimes it's annoying and break the momentum. 

There's a live count ( you need to press manually)  if you do individual exercise, which I think it's a joke. They should use the mobile phone's gyroscope and accelerometer to do the live count. 

+ Customized training plan 
+ You can put limitation if you are injured 
+ you can focus on get lean, muscle or in between. 
+ wide range of workouts 
+ history of workouts 
+ great video guide 

- quite expensive but cheaper than gym membership 
- you need a pull up bar 
- apps crash on me once during exercise 
- coaching cannot replace a real human coach. 
- need a timer during the warmup or stretching. 
- voice command please
- live count is useless 
- free 2 weeks for referral only claimable when the coach is renewed. 
- can't play the video guide during the exercise, you need to watch it before you start the workout. 

Get 2 weeks free of Freeletics coach if you subscribe using this link (I'll get extra 2 weeks as well) 
Freeletics 2 weeks free on the coach subscription.  

Take a look at week 3 Freeletic training plan click here

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