14 November 2015

Hearthstone Buy a Cheap / Discounted League of Explorers Card packs

How to get a discounted or cheap league of Explorers Adventure mode? do not buy it directly with your money but use Amazon Coins instead.

100 Amazon coins is equal to $1, Amazon selling 1000 coins for $8.8. You need 2000 coins to unlock the Hearthstone League of Explorer, so that's going to be $17.6 or you can get 2500 coins which is cost $21.25 and you''ll get the League of Explorer plus 2 card packs.

But the best deal is getting 10.000 Amazon Coins for $80, you'll get League of Explorers and 67 packs (60 packs = 7000, 7 packs = 1000 Amazon coins). it's quite a good bargain than buying it directly.

So what's the catch? First bad news for iOS, you need an Android device or Emulator to do that. Second if you an Android user you need to re-install hearthstone from the Amazon Underground Apps.

Here are the steps for Android users: 
  1. Buy Amazon Coins from here, first step! before the discount is gone.
  2. Install the Amazon Underground to your Android device from here
  3. Login to the Amazon Underground with your Amazon credential
  4. Uninstall the Hearthstone from Google Play Store 
  5. Search Hearthstone from the Amazon Apps Underground 
  6. Install Hearthstone from Amazon Apps Underground 
  7. Run the Hearthstone and in the login page make sure that the region is correct and enter your BattleNet ID. 
  8. Go to Shops, Choose Adventures and Click on purchase 
  9. A new window will ask you for confirmation whether you want to pay with Amazon Coins or Cash, choose Amazon Coins. 
 This is for your reference only, Don't buy per wing!!!, you''ll need to spend 700 Coins x 4 = 2800 Coins. If you purchase it at the same time (Through shop->Adventure)  you'll only need to spend 2000 Coins.
    Are you looking for a cheap hunter deck to finish the first wing Temple of Orsis in the League of Explorers Card ? here is the link: Hearthstone Temple of Orsis Cheap Rush Hunter Deck League of Explorers

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