16 November 2015

Minoura Tower Bike 10 Review

Minoura provides trainers and cycling accessories from Japan. The Minoura BikeTower 10 is easy to set-up and can be installed in the room with ceiling between 1.7 - 3.1 Meters. BikeTower 10 comes with two bike cradles but you can expand it to hold up to 4 bikes (you need to purchase extra 2 cradles).

First impression, it comes with a brown box (the lenght of the box about 173 cm), so make sure to avoid the train rush hour because it's a little bit difficult to hold by one person.

Inside the box, the Minoura Bike tower 10 comes with the manual, small plastic tie, two screws, L key, the pillar, four hooks and two bike cradles. the other parts such as the rubber, pillar joint and the clamps are already pre-installed so it's easier to set up.

I like finishing of Minoura bike tower 10, it's matte black and beautiful. I don't see any sloppy work on the bike tower. I also like the quality, it's made of lightweight and durable alloy tubing.

This the top pillar joint, it made from two pillar so that you'll be able to extend it. take note that you need to loosen the lower bolt and push down the top pillar and then tighten the bolt firmly. after that you can work with the upper pillar by loosen the upper bolt and extend the pillar till it reach the ceiling. please read the manual carefully before installing. 

At the end of the pillar you can see two rubber cup, the top rubber cup comes with a spring inside. the spring will support the pillar by pressure to the ceiling.

The bike cradled is quite flexible, it can be adjusted +/- 35 degree angle to fit various types of bike frame. The hook is covered with a soft rubber material.  Each bike cradle can hold up to 25Kg.

Things that annoyed me, first it's the rubber, the rubber left black marks on my floor and ceiling. to be fair, in the manual there's a warning about it "The rubber cup material may leave a mark on  some ceilings and/or floor. We recommend  placing a small piece of fabric or paper between  the rubber cup and the ceiling. Do not use slippy  Vinyl sheet."

Second for safety measurement, you need to wrap the plastic tie around the top rubber and put the screw in the hole. I don't like this idea of screwing my ceiling / wall, in the first place I want a bike tower without drilling my ceiling. Anyway if you don't like it you don't have to screw it but it's highly recommended to do so.

Looks good! I'm pretty satisfy with Minoura Bike Tower 10.

You can get this Minoura Bike Tower (RRP S$175) from The Bike Settlement, call them first at (+65) 63375258.

Minoura Bike tower 10 review:
+ Good finishing and it's painted very well with black paint.
+ Quite light (About 3.9 Kg)
+ Can support up to 4 Bikes (with add-on cradles)
+ Some parts are pre-installed, hassle free
+ Spring mechanism, easy to install
+ Hooks comes with rubber to protect your bike
+ Cradles are adjustable
+ made in Japan
+ 1 year warranty

- Instruction is not that clear in some part of the manual
- Rubbers leave black marks on the ceiling / floor.
- I feel that the price is a little bit expensive but I can overlook it because of quality.
- You need to screw the plastic tie on your ceiling

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