14 July 2016

Hearthstone Fastest Way to Get Free Shaman Hero and Free card packs

How to get a new Hearthstone new Shaman hero for free and in the fastest way possible without any friend invite.

Normally you'll get the Morgl the Oracle through Recruit a friend feature this is to recruit people who don't play much hearthstone back into the game, however for the recruit to be eligible they need to create a new account or an existing account but they can't have any classes at level 20.

The first recruit earns you the Morgl the oracle and the next four recruits will each get you a classic card pack.

What's the fastest way to get the free Hero Morgl the Oracale by yourself since all your other friends are playing Pokemon go ...

  1. you need to have at least 2 devices with hearthstone installed. take a note both accounts need to be in the same region.
  2. Go to hearthstone and click recruit a friend, follow the link open it up and register a new account with that link.
  3. Go back to hearthstone and in your main account create one deck for every class except the mage. use auto generate completion.
  4. Grab your other device, login hearthstone with the new account that you've created
  5. Complete all the six tutorial and add your main account as a friend.
  6. After the tutorial the mage will be unlocked, use the mage in your new account and play friendly matches with your main account (you can start with any class except the mage) and concede the game.
  7. After you unlock 4 hero change your hero (mage) in the new account, grab any other hero and unlock the rest 4 heroes.  
  8. Right now you'll have a level 3 mage and level 3 of a hero. you need to have a level of 20 in total so just 2 times friendly match on the remaining 7 heroes.

new account vs main account
mage vs paladin
mage vs shaman
mage vs assassin
mage vs priest
paladin vs warrior
paladin vs warlock
paladin vs hunter
paladin vs druid
shaman vs mage
shaman vs mage
assassin vs mage
assassin vs mage
priest vs mage
priest vs mage
and the rest of the level 1 heroes.

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