14 October 2016

How to get free Tyrande Code Heartstone from other non US country

Here is a guide on how to get the Tyrande hero Code for free from Twich Premium.

What do you need?
1. Amazon account. Recommended to create a new account, Click here to Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
2. Twitch account, click here
3. valid credit card (any country)

Here is the complete steps to get Tyrande hero code for free
1. Create a new account, Click this link to go to the Amazon prime website, click start your 30-Day trials.

2.  Click "create your amazon account"

3.  Enter any name, email and password.

4. Add payment method, please enter your credit card. Amazon will charge your $1 to your credit card as verification but they will refund it back.

5.  Enter US address, you can just follow the address below (it's Google office address)

6. Click start your 30 days trial on the next page.

7. Go to your account, click your account

8. Click your Kindle order, go to setting

9. Click settings in the kindle order -> change -> select your US address.

10. Go to your account (step no 7) and in Amazon wallet choose your payment.

11. Click Add credit / debit card and use the credit card number and exp below in the picture, it will work as this is a test credit card account number) click next and choose the US address.

12. Step 11 should replace your existing credit card, if not delete your credit card information manually.

13. Go to Twitch.tv and click the Ad that says "try Twitch Prime 30 days free", just follow the instruction to connect to your Amazon Prime.

14. Once done you will see the welcome page, go to any streaming and you'll see the Tyrande icon on the left side of the page. click that and redeem your free Tyrande Heartstone from Twitch. Enjoy !

oh by the way, don't forget to cancel your Amazon prime membership

Please leave a comment  if it's successful !!

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