11 December 2017

ESR iPhone X Rugged Heavy Duty Bumper Armor Case Review

ESR Armor Case is their top in line product at USD 18.99 providing a reinforced drop protection with dual structure (flexible bumper and hard plastic back). ESR mentioned that it is Glass-Back Safe made from Soft TPU material absolutely won't scratch your iPhone's glass back.
The case comes in a transparent silver grey box showing the back of the armor case. The casing itself it's a mix between dark grey and black color. 
There's a instruction guide on how to install and uninstall the case, it's pretty helpful with its 3 steps:
  1. Put your iPhone into the case with one side aligned 
  2. Force the third corner into the case
  3. Complete the fourth corner. 
Simple yet it's a very helpful instruction.


There's only on color available: Black. It's not exactly black, only the top and bottom and the sides are black the back is dominated by the dark grey color. I would prefer it comes with one color. The overall rounded design make it looks simple.  
Weight about 50 gram with extra protection, the front part makes the iPhone X looks a little bit wider, add a little bit weight on it but overall I would say it's still pretty slim. The volume button and power button made from hard plastic, I would expect that the button made from a better material than just a plastic.

The material feels rubbery, kind of finger print resistance since it's made from a matte material. I like the material, it feels smooth and nice to touch. It could be a little bit slippery at times, ESR should add some extra grip on the sides of the phone near the power and volume button. 
With normal use after few days I don't see any scratch on the casing, this casing perform much better compared to the ESR iPhone X Marbel soft TPU. If your hand is oily, you can expect to see some oil mark but considering how oily is my hand the casing hold pretty much well. 

It should've a better button quality and non-slip design, I'm rating it 3/5 for the design. I kind of regret choosing this over the the other cheaper ESR Armor Case USD 15.99 and I think it would perform better and it looks better too.


the cutout is pretty precise, you need to be aware that it's pretty deep too because of the protection. I don' have any issue with the original Apple lighting cable or my Verbatim lighting cable.
The power button can still be easily switched on or off. I mentioned briefly about the volume buttons / power button in design and in this category, I find a little bit difficulty in pressing the button and it doesn't provide a good feedback when I click it. the ESR Marble Soft Case performs much better than this.

The button is a little bit flat, it's hard when you want to press it without looking at it, ESR should put some raised dot (if you know what I mean) so that by touching it you'll know the button.

Overall, I think there's a room of improvement here, I'm rating it 3.5/5 for the functionality.


Looking at the thickness of the back, I'm pretty sure that it's providing a good protection for my iPhone X glass panel at the back. ESR mentioned that the back consists of three layers as you can see from the picture below:
I'm pretty sure that there's a cut out at the bumper and it's patched with a square PU leather to allow the wireless charging to go through. If you are wondering whether you can disassemble the casing like the picture above, the answer is no: they are combined and you can't just simply separate them. I don't see any air pocket on the inside corners of the casing unlike the ESR Marble casing. ESR mentioned that it has 3.25mm reinforced corner bumper to protect your phone from hard drops so perhaps the air pocket is not needed here.
The camera cutout is 1.84mm higher than lens, even though it looks bulky but I'm pretty sure that it could protect the camera very well from a normal drop.
The front screen is protected pretty well. With front edge raised about 1mm, even with screen protector applied, the screen will not touch the surface when you put it on a flat surface.

Overall the protection feel solid, the only thing left is that it's never been tested if ESR could come out with a video test that would be perfect. It's never mentioned as well what's the protection drop height. providing this information will assure me (and other people) how well that this case will perform.

My phone dropped accidentally to a hard floor around a meter and it's survive well. It was dropped on an even smooth hard surface, I don't see any crack, dent or stretch mark on the casing.

I would rate this as 4/5 because it should come with more assurance about how well the protection of the casing and test result.

Final Rating ⭐⭐⭐½ (3.5/5)

It's a decent rugged casing for iPhone X with some area need to be improved especially the button. the casing is not very bulky, still acceptable for a rugged casing which provide extra protection compared to a slim case.  if you like a smooth feeling on a casing, simple design with extra protection, this a casing for you.

Do checkout their website for other product. The ESR iPhone X Rugged Heavy Duty Bumper Armor Case can be ordered from Amazon at USD 18.99

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