09 December 2017

Marble Case iPhone X Review ESR

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Today, we are going to review a slim soft TPU casing with a marble design for iPhone X from ESR. This iPhone X casing is pretty light, weight about 30 gram. Apart from design, protection is also one crucial part to protect the iPhone X.
The case comes with a nice blue transparent box showing the beauty of the marble. simple yet attractive. I even don't mind if the casing comes with a brown box but putting effort on the box is great. it will be even great if we can choose to be shipped in a brown box (to support environmental friendly).
The back of the box showing the feature that this case has, including a one year warranty. I hope that ESR can write a little bit more like the warranty condition or perhaps the company history.


I was under impression that I'll get a matte case for iPhone X (I prefer matte than shinny) but after I open the box, I'm pretty surprise that it's a shinny instead of matte.
As mentioned before, I prefer matte but this case is an exception, it's beautiful. the reflective layer makes the marble looks like a marble instead of a dull printed picture. When reflected over the light from the morning sun, it's showing a green overcast, kind of hologram. 

Thin and lightweight. The ESR iPhone X Marble Case doesn't add any bulk and it's easy to install. It's even slimmer than some other bumper type. I like it, especially it's blend pretty well with front part of iPhone X. the cutting, the corner and the joint are executed pretty well. I can't find any sharp corner or joint. Great standard of quality. 
The drawback: this casing is not scratch resistance. After using it for few days, I've quite number of scratches. it's a finger print magnet as well. that's the disadvantage of using a reflective surface. guess you need to sacrifice either one beauty or scratch proof. 

If it's not because of the finger print magnet, I will give it a full score. I'm rating this as 4/5 for the design. 


The ESR iPhone X Marble Case has a good cut out to access the lighting port and speaker. Maybe a large lighting cable will not fit in but normal third party lighting cable should be fine. I tested both with the original lighting cable and Verbatim Sync & Charge Lightning Cable, both fit in pretty well without any difficulties.
The opening for on and off button it's a little bit hard to reach with finger (obviously ...) using my nail it's easy to reach and toggle around. the volume buttons and the side button are responsive with a nice click feedback. I don't encounter any difficulties with the buttons so far. 

I don't see any shortcoming in the functionality for the ESR iPhone X Marble Casing. I'm rating it 5/5. 


Upon a closer inspection on each of the corner (facing inside) you can see that there's kind of a little hole or air pocket - kind of the same technology that Spigen use for its casing protection. I'm pretty sure it will able to protect when the phone dropped at the corner.
ESR mentioned that screen and camera Protection has a raised camera lip 0.6mm and raised screen lip 0.4mm to protect your screen and camera from tabletops and other surfaces. The camera lips offer minimum protection for your camera and if you are lucky enough that your phone drop on an even surface / small stone, you can only hope that it will not damage your camera. 

For the raised screen lip 0.4mm, I feel that it's less than that, with a screen protector applied, I can see that my screen protector is touching the surface instead of the raise lips. so be aware if you are using a screen protector.

I've a mix feeling for the grip, it's not slippery but I feel that I don't have enough friction when I'm holding it, if you take a look carefully the front part is a matte black while the back is glossy and slippery, I think that's why I've got that mix feeling. I would say it's providing a passable grip and so far it's never slip when I'm using my iPhone with one hand.

Overall, with featuring a slim body and lightweight, I think ESR iPhone X Marble Case can offer decent protection for a normal drop on even surface. I'm rating this 3/5 because I'm not sure whether it's able to provide enough protection if it's dropped on the screen first and the mix feeling about the grip.


Final Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)
It's a beautiful case, it does looks like glossy marble. you need to be aware of the finger print magnet, it's not scratch proof (just like marble lol) and it may not protect your phone if it's dropped flat on the screen. apart from that, the access button and build quality is great.

They do have different marble pattern, do take a look at their website. It costs USD 12.99 and you can buy them from Amazon.

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