19 February 2018

ESR iPhone 8 Plus Metal Kick Stand Casing Review

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A fusion between protection and functionality is what ESR iPhone 8 Plus metal kick stand casing offers you. Currently selling at $18.99, with 3 colours option: black, silver and rose gold.

I’ve reviewed the smaller Brother ESR iPhone X metal kick stand, while they are made from the same material and design, one thing to take note is that iPhone 8 Plus is a heavier device, let’s see whether the ESR casing able to support it.
The presentation is simple and it’s all what you need for the packaging of a casing.


The design is simple with a combination of both silver and black. the kickstand made from metal and it blends pretty well with the silver casing color.
The inner layer has nice pattern design, the only complain that I’ve is that you can see that the ESR label wasn't placed nicely and exposing the silver colour a little bit. I don't think this will cause any protection issue, it's just a cosmetic.
The casing is made from dual layer structure, a hard polycarbonate which feels like a metal and a flexible bumper that enclose the whole iPhone, not forgetting a metal case stand. Intended to have an extra protection and a metal kickstand it come with a cost, it's pretty heavy.

the polycarbonate part it's matte  which to some degree is preventing the finger print mark. Oil mark can be seen if you've an oily hand the good thing about polycarbonate, it's easy to clean it up, just wipe it once and all the mark is gone.

Not so for the matte metal stand, it's finger print and scratch magnet. this is something that can't be prevented, metal = scratches. 

The metal stand itself it's pretty sturdy and the mechanism to open and close is pretty well made. 


It could support the iPhone 8 Plus with no problem, the angle is pretty good as well instead of just locked in to one angle, you could have a multiple angle with this casing. 
comparing the same casing for the iPhone X, I would say that the ESR kickstand for iPhone X offers greater flexibility for the angle. I need to be reasonable because the iPhone 8 Plus is heavier than iPhone X. 

One thing that's pretty useful, you can also use the stand for a vertical! I was curios whether this case able to support the iPhone 8 Plus and it's amazing that it could without any problem. 
Opening and closing the kickstand is a breeze, with or without finger nail it works pretty well. it look sturdy, I believe it will not break even if you drop it couple of times.
The button has a good feedback and it's easy to feel it just with your finger. the silent button is a little bit difficult to reach if you don't have a finger nail. 
the access to the lighting port is deep but wide enough for third party cable such as verbatim

I like the ability to have both horizontal and vertical stand, it's stable and sturdy kickstand. I only have a slight difficulty for the silent button access but the Lighting port access is wide enough for the lighting cable and I don't have any difficulty put it in and out.


Reinforced drop protection, with at thicker bumper it's giving a decent protection for your iPhone 8 plus. I'm not worried about the back drop because of the metal stand which will protect the back glass of the iPhone 8 Plus.
At the front part it's protecting the screen pretty well but it's almost at the same level if you are using a 0.3mm tempered glass protector.

The camera is protected with a slight rise around it. as long as there is not sticking object pointing at the camera when it hit the ground it would be safe. I would also thing that whenever you drop it, it will always fall on the bottom part first because it's heavier.


Stable and sturdy kickstand casing, with added protection. it has been dropped couple of times(0.5-1.5 meters) and protected my iPhone 8 pretty well. If you like the design, doesnt mind about the weight, need an extra protection with a stable kickstand, this is one of the casing that you should consider.

Currently one of the Amazon choice, you can buy it at USD 18.99 for pink version and USD 16.99 for black / silver version and check out their website for other product.

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