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  2. Hello,

    I had sent you an invitation email earlier but didn’t hear back from you. I wanted to follow-up to see if you got my invitation email to join our affiliate program.

    U-mask is the only BIOTECH anti pollution mask in the world. It is the first anti pollution mask better than N95 or N99 respirators, the only one with an extra biotech layer for the highest protection on the market. It is 100% made in Italy with the best possible materials. It is not only will protect from getting very sick but it will improve the training tenfold Stronger, fittest, healthier, and faster. It is a fashionable, cool, designer gadget and great for travelling to polluted cities. I am sure your website visitors will love it!

    U-Mask highlights are:

     Exclusive design covers will stay beautiful for unlimited use.
     30 different patterns and styles
     Interchangable internal refill will last up to 1 year.

    As our affiliate partner you will earn 15% commission per sale with a 180 days cookie tracking period.

    To join our affiliate program, please check:

    I look forward to welcoming you to our affiliate program. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,
    Sid Samel
    Affiliate Program Manager


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