How to Renew Indonesian Passport in Singapore

If your Indonesian passport expiring soon (within 6 months) make sure that you renew your passport before you're traveling out of Singa...

If your Indonesian passport expiring soon (within 6 months) make sure that you renew your passport before you're traveling out of Singapore.

Just follow these steps

1. Print and Fill in the Form of request (use only black pen
formulir hijau Perdim 11 download click here

2. Prepare all the documents (there's no need to bring a photo) 

-Old passport and one copy of old passport (first and the last page)
-Singapore ID Card and its copy (Work permit, Employment Pass, S-Pass, Dependant Pass, Student Pass,  Permanent Resident)
-Copy of birth certificate (in Indonesian language)
-Married Certificate / Divorce Certicate (if you have)
-For flight attendants, all of the requirements above must be completed with company letter stating that the flight attendant is to renew his/her passport.
Bring Cash! $38 (for standard passport)

Go to the Indonesia embassy website to get the latest requirement over here

3. It will take 3 days to renew your passport, so plan wisely if you are about to travel. Also check the public holiday (sometimes they have their own holiday)  KBRI Singapore Public holiday
Their Opening Hour
Time for Submission 9:00 - 12:00 (Monday to Friday)
Time for Collection 15:00 - 17:00 (Monday to Friday)
*always check for the collection timing.

4. Use an appropriate Dress Code...
Once I went there with a short pants, they refused to let me in ... they offered me to rent it, which I did.

The following attire is not allowed inside the KBRI Singapore: Shorts and Bermuda except for children below 12 years old, Singlet and strapless top

5.  Take Taxi / Bus, you can take Bus from RedHill / Outram Park
The Address Embassy of The Republic Indonesia
No7 Chatsworth Road, Singapore 249761
Phone (65) 67377422 Fax (65) 67375037 / 62355783

6. You need to give IC / other identification for an exchange of a visitor pass - please wear the visitor pass all the time (don't give the identification that you'll use to apply the passport)

7. just walk straight and enter the building on your left. 

8. Go to the help desk, they receptionist will check your forms and documents and give you the queue number. 

9. When they call your number proceed to the counter and bring all your documents, they will check on your documents and ask you to wait. your name will be called for the next step.

10. when they call your name, please proceed to the bio metric's room to take your fingerprints and photo. 

11. After that they will give you a piece of paper and bring that to the cashier (infront of the help desk), make payment and they will give you a receipt with the date of collection.  For maid there might an additional step to go to the second floor.


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