16 September 2015

Aluminaid N95 vs 3M N8210 Singapore Mask Review

Aluminaid N95 Mask vs 3M N8210 Review in Singapore for haze.

Advanced First Aid Research's innovative N95 mask design features an electrostatic filter that delivers better ventilation, easier breathing and speaking due to its 99 per cent filtration efficiency against micron particles. The mask also offers longer, more lasting protection against the haze and other harmful gases in a way not catered for by standard masks.

The Aluminaid n95 mask has a valve on it, compared to the 3M the Aluminaid is much more easy to breath because of the valve.  

It's pretty hot and humid inside the mask when I'm using the 3M n8210, the Aluminaid it's better with the ventilation valve. 

The 3M N8210 N95 uses a rubber which it tighter and make the Fitting better especially if you've a small head. In the other hand the Aluminaid n95 mask is a bit lose uses a fabric rubber. 

Overall, the fit is still acceptable and its offer a valve which is very helpful, the price is also pretty cheap $1.9 per piece at Guardian or $18.80 for 10 pieces. at unity they are selling it at $19.90. It comes in 2 sizes: M and L, there is no S size. 

Quality: It feels the same fabric as n8210 3M, can't really make judgement on the quality.

If you are concern about quality 3M is a way to go, if you don't want to spend and want a ventilated mask at affordable price take Aluminaid n95 mask. 

My recommendation: buy 1 piece and try it out first, if it's fits then you can buy the whole box. 

Don't forget to check the expiry date. 

Another good thing the company promise for each n95 purchased they will make a mask donation to those in need within Singapore. 

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