07 August 2014

Water Filter Pitcher / Jug Singapore Novita vs Brita vs Pur review

There are several brands that you can consider: Novita, Brita, Mavea or Pur. Are you confused choosing a water filter pitcher or Jug? Hope that this simple comparison can help you.
The Good:  
+ 3/4 Steps Filtration 
+ Alkali water
+ Smaller water molecules 
+ Availability in Singapore (Takasimaya / Tang Basement / Best Denki / Courts) 

The Bad: 
- The build quality of the pitcher, 100 SGD for a low quality water pitcher is a really big draw back. 
- No certification to backup what they've claimed
- Expensive (filters and water pitcher)  

Brita - maxtra (Click here for the review
The Good:
+ Available in Singapore
+ Good quality build and solid
+ No pre-soaking neede
+ Water flow is good

The Bad:
- useless counter (it's only a time counter)
- filter performance is lower compared the rest (Pur and Novita)
- Doesn't filter pollutants

Mavea (Click here for the review)
The Good:
+ Better quality compared to Brita
+ Better filter counter
+ Filter is cheaper compared to Brita
+ No pre-soaking needed
+ Water flow is good

The Bad:
- filter performance is lower compared the rest (Pur and Novita)
- Not Available in Singapore, need to order online via amazon

Pur (Click here for the review)
The Good:
+ Cheaper water pitcher
+ Cheaper filter
+ Good filtration (remove almost 2x compared to other brand) 

The Bad: 
+ Build quality is not that good compared to Brita /Mevea 
+ May need to change the filter before its time
+ Not available in Singapore need to order trough amazon

So Which water pitcher should I buy?

It's really depends on each person, the first stage is to decide whether you want to get it locally or you don't mind to order it online. next take a look what is the most important that can't be compromise: is it price? or the performance of the filter? or the design?

local availability (don't want to order online)
if you are concern or do not like to shop online from Amazon, forget about Mavea and Pur.
you only left with Brita and Novita.

First Priority         Brand to select
Filter Quality           Novita
Price                      Brita
Durability               Brita

if you are concern about the filter quality choose Novita, for price and the quality of the water pitcher choose Brita.

online availability (you don't mind ordering from Amazon)
Brita, Pur or Mavea pitcher and filter are much cheaper if you buy it from Amazon instead locally.

if your priority is (in sequence):
PRIORITY                                Brand to select
filter quality, price, durability  choose Novita
price,filter quality, durability   choose PUR 
durability, filter quality / price choose Mavea / Brita

*filter quality = how well the filter can remove the particles / contaminants.
*durability = water pitcher quality, design and etc

Between Mavea and Brita, I will choose Mavea because of the smart water filter counter and the cheaper filter price compared to Brita Maxtra. I'm suspecting that actually you can use the Mavea filter and fit it inside the Brita Maxtra and vice versa.

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