15 March 2018

Convert Indonesia to Singapore Citizenship Renouncing

How to complete the Citizenship journey, convert and renounce Indonesian Citizenship to Singapore Citizenship. First of all, congrats! here are some tips and guide after you received your approval in-principal letter from ICA.

Note: if you applied together with your child, the approval in principal will only state your name, you'll received the approval letter both for you and your child.

  1. Complete the Singapore Citizenship Journey.
    You need to complete it within 2 months from the date in the approval in-principal letter. There are 4 parts in the journey:
    Note: book immediately the Singapore Experiential Tour (weekly time slot) and the Community Sharing (once a month time slot) 
    • Singapore Experiential Tour - half day guided tour, you need to choose a set of place (consisted of two places to visit) if you don't have time concern, do choose the place that interest you the most. I enjoyed the session for the Maritime Centre and Parliament house.  once you booked, you'll received email confirmation, do read in detail what you need to wear or bring.  
    • Community Sharing - About 3 hours sharing session about volunteer options, how to contribute to the society, get to know your neighbor during the sharing session. breakfast was provided, please do read in detail in your confirmation email.  
    • Singapore Citizenship E-journey - you'll need to watch video and answer some questions about Singapore history and culture. 
    • Post Survey, don't forget to complete the post survey! this is the last step to conclude your Singapore Citizenship Journey.

  2. Citizenship Approval Letter.
    After completion of the Singapore Citizenship Journey, you'll get an approval letter within 1 or 2 weeks. inside the letter there's an instruction that you need to formally renounce your Indonesian citizenship before the appointment date that has been assigned to you. if you can't make it, you can change the appointment up to 3 times from the ICA e-appointment.
    Note: if you make the change, do not forget to print out / save as pdf your appointment confirmation.

  3. Renouncing your Indonesian Citizenship.
    I'll explain in detail in the next section but to summarize, before you go to the Indonesia Embassy,  you need to do the following: 
    1. Declaration to renounce the Indonesian citizenship before the notary Public at Singapore
    2. The Declaration need to be legalized by the Singapore Academy Law
    3. The legalized declaration need to be endorsed (stamped) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
    4. Go to Indonesian Embassy with the legalized declaration and supporting documents to get the Renunciation of Citizenship

  4. Citizenship Registration at ICA

Renouncing your Indonesian Citizenship

  • Declaration to renounce the Indonesian citizenship before the notary Public at Singapore.
    In the embassy they've a list of notary public that can help with the declaration, don't waste time to go to the embassy and get the list. Instead once you've got your approval letter, do contact the following Notary Public to make appointment for your declaration:

    Tan, Lee & Choo Advocates & Solicitors
    1 Park Road #04-04
    People’s Park Complex (next to Chinatown MRT)
    Singapore 059108
    Tel: 6535 6077

    Look for Donna (Administrator), this notary public know very well what to do and what to prepare, I can vouch for their service (I met two persons in the embassy and two of them using the same Notary Public including me). Donna will explain to you the document required. During you appointment, Donna will check all the document, draft the letter and you need to sign it.

    During the appointment, you'll need to fill in a form "Melepaskan Kewarganegaraan RI" (so you don't have to fill this in embassy) do not put the date and the signature because you need the stamp (materai). Donna will prepare all the copy for the documents, draft the declaration letter and you need to sign on it. you'll also be able to change your name / insert a Chinese name through Deed Poll.

    It will take about 3 working days, since your declaration letter need to be legalized by the Singapore Academy Law.

    Total cost for declaration (inclusive legalized by the Singapore Academy Law): $193
    Deed Poll: $150

    Document to prepare and bring to the Notary Public: 
    • Approval letter from the Singapore Immigration (ICA)
      if you changed the date, do bring the confirmation letter as well. 
    • Indonesian passport 
    • Indonesian ID (KTP) 
    • Indonesian Birth Certificate (Akta lahir) 
    • Family Household Card (Kartu Keluarga)
    • Re-entry Permit (you can print this out from eREP)
    • Marriage Certificate 
    • Copy of Spouse's Singapore IC and Passport
    • Citizenship Certificate (SKBRI) if you've

  • The Declaration need to be legalized by the Singapore Academy Law.
    As mentioned before, Donna will help to get the declaration legalized, what you need to do is just to pick it up from Donna. It will take around 2-3 working days.

  • The legalized declaration need to be endorsed (stamped) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    The MFA is near the Indonesian embassy, so if you want you can do it at the same day. do come here in the morning 9AM since Indonesian Embassy closed at 12PM.

    In the entrance, just mentioned that you need to legalize document, exchange the past and walk strait to the building. you''ll see a counter on your left, pick up the queue number from the machine in the counter. when it's your turn, just submit the document and he/she will legalized the document (front page) and you need to pay $10 (only cashcard / NETS! no cash)

    There's a self service photocopy machine (bring a lot of 20 cent coins), Donna has prepared a copy of the declaration, what you need to do is to copy the legalized front page and replaced it. Do make another copy if you want to keep an extra for yourself because the Indonesia Embassy will ask you to submit both the original and copy.

  • Go to Indonesian Embassy with the legalized declaration and supporting documents.
    At the main gate. Exchange any card like mrt card, membership, etc (even Kopitiam card is accepted) with visitor pass. Do not use ic / workpermit.

    Go to second floor, you may see a long line after the main gate simply by pass the line and go directly to second floor.

    At second floor turn right and go to counter 4 directly. you'll need to ask someone inside to get the queue number (if you do not have the “melepas kewarganegaraan RI” please get one as well and fill it up, do not sign yet)
    • 9:05 AM I got queue no:2 (arrived at 8:45AM at the main gate) Take some photo of your KTP, KK, Passport and the declration letter. You need this information to verify the draft. 
    • 9.30 AM Submitted my document, paid $4 for stamp and signed. waiting for the draft
    • 10:00 AM draft ready - reviewed draft, signed and submitted it back to the counter. you'll see a date in the draft letter, that's going to be your pick up date. 
    • 10.10 AM made payment $60 in the payment counter at first floor.

      It will take at least 5 working days. Submitted my doc on Monday and pick up is the next week Monday. At this point they will take your original passport, KTP, KK and Birth cert. No travelling possible until you get your Singapore passport. you can also change your appointment with ICA to an earlier slot since you know when you can get the Renunciation of Citizenship letter.

      Pickup is from 3-5PM, don't forget to take queue number at the counter 4. Collect your Renunciation Letters & original birth cert  + letter mentioning what kind of original document (KTP, KK) has been surrendered to the KBRI.

  • So if you are thinking to plan your leave, here is the breakdown. 
    • Public Notary - at least 3 working days 
      • First visit it will take about 1- 2 hours 
      • Second visit, just to take the document and briefing 15 - 30 minutes   
    • Endorsement for the legalize document - 1 day 
      • only need one visit
      • took me only 15 minutes 
      • at the same time you can go to the embassy to do renouncing 
    • Embassy at least 5 working days at least
      • First visit to submit documents 9-12AM
      • Second visit to pick it up 3-5PM 
      • Submitted on Monday, only ready the next Monday
      • You'll able to see the date of pick up from the draft
      • you can re arrange the citizenship appointment 

Citizenship Registration 

Coming soon
  1. Yes, you need to present both bahasa Indonesia and English. This will be done by the notary public that I mentioned above (not sure about others), they will prepare both translation at the same time.

  2. I saw a lot of people using this notary public so I thought maybe should give it a try. But when I called the notary public, some guy answered the phone and so rude, and said " WHAT YOU WANT?". I replied I'm looking for Donna, he was like "She is busy now, you call again later la!" So impatient and his tone is just so rude !! Bad experience :/

  3. I'm sorry that you've a different experience that mine :( perhaps you may try again and see how it goes.


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