Universal Studio Singapore Sold Out What to do?

what happen if you try to go to Universal Studio Singapore to have a fun .. but after you arrive at waterfront station Universal Studio Sing...

what happen if you try to go to Universal Studio Singapore to have a fun .. but after you arrive at waterfront station Universal Studio Singapore Stop you have a little sign "Universal Studio Tickets for today is sold out" ? 

Your heart begin to feel uneasy ... unbelieved with a slight little hope you are still walking .... around 100 meter you'll see another sign .. it's a dark blue color with Universal Studio Singapore logo with the same wording ... Universal Studio Singapore Tickets for today SOLD OUT ... 

Oh common.... you heart even looks darker now ... and you feel the pain ... and disappointed. But you still have a little hope and faith that everything will be okay, I'm sure can get the tickets in the counter. 

You can see the Universal Studio Singapore tickets Booth with some flying flashy wording on top of it... wait ... you almost can believe what you'll see ticket sold out....

You still haven't give up you go to the counter and asking "do you still have any ticket left?" -no- "is there any way to get the tickets today" -no-

And your world finally collapse ...

This story taken from a true story ...

But there is a hope... if you really forgotten about booking the tickets or Universal Studio ticket is sold out. 

You can try this: call the Duck and Hippo 

Guests Hotline:
(65) 63386877
(65) 633-TOURS
Corporate Office:
1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec Convention Centre
#05-520, Singapore 039593

1. just ask the whether they have the Universal Studio ticket for today. if Yes, just say that you are going to pick it up now.

2. they will check and you need to give them your name phone number, they will give you a confirmation number so be ready to note it down.

3. If you are at Universal Studio, go to the casino below the universal studio to grab a taxi to go to Suntec Convention Centre, it will take about 20 minutes and it will cost you about $12.

4. when you arrived just turn to the right, you will going through food republic and after that you will see the counter on your left.

5. just que infront of the Duck & Hippo counter and get ready with the confirmation number

6. You will be asked to get the tickets from the Bus captain, just ask for assistance.

7. After you get the ticket quickly grab a taxi and go back to universal studio singapore.

8. Just enter directly to the universal studio (you don't have to go to the ticket counter)

9. Don't forget, on your left after entering there is an information counter where you can redeem for free $5 vouchers for Food and Beverages + $5 vouchers for Merchandise.

10. Enjoy your Day at Universal Studio Singapore.

Btw remember the guy from the true story above? it was me ...  I saw a lot of people disappointed when the realized that the ticket was sold out. Maybe they don't know about online booking, maybe there is something happen so that they can't book online first. Anyway this entry dedicated for those people that are disappointed right now but you don't give up ...

And if because of this post (and of course your perseverance) you manage to enter the Universal Studio Singapore even the tickets have been sold out, let me know :)  and you can share your story here.

for reference only... a valid ticket of universal studio singapore


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