Centara Ras Fushi Resort Maldives Review

Location (Centara Ras Fushi Review)  Centara Ras Fushi located about 15 minutes from the Male. A lot of people concern about the Centara ...

Location (Centara Ras Fushi Review) 
Centara Ras Fushi located about 15 minutes from the Male. A lot of people concern about the Centara Ras Fushi that's located near Thilafusi (garbage island), from my observation ... yes it's visible (but I'm really not sure whether that's the one, but I can see some smoke coming up from the island). this photo below is taken from the receptionist area. In the other hand we don't have to worry about that because it's not visible from the water villa (because the water villas are facing the other direction). don't smell anything as well here.

Water Villa, 
there was a little bit of hiccup for the room during check-in and we need to wait about 1.5 hour. we then realized that not all the water villa was ready, upon walking towards our room,  some villa wasn't ready as well and I believe the smaller section of the water villa (there are 2 sections if you take a look at the map: the smaller only with deluxe water villa and the other with the sunset water villa) isn't ready as well. 

this is a picture of the sunset water villa section 

the centara ras fushi as for today I would say 90% is operational, I even quite shock that they don't have any umbrella in the island. housekeeping is also quite slow (waited for a while for the staff to come and clean our room) but this all is still quite acceptable since they just opened 5 days ago  

Overall the food is acceptable, nothing special but I'm quite surprise that the dessert was very nice (available during lunch and dinner buffet). the salad selection was good as well. 

Overall I'm quite satisfied with the villa, I don't expect it as a good as other 5 stars resorts because it isnt. Centara Ras Fushi is a 4 stars resort. 

Update 29th March 2013 

they have a nice little pool, it's beautiful at night. there is a bar also in the pool. 

this is the Bar, if you have all - inclusive package there is a lot of selection of cocktail (as for yesterday not all cocktails is available)  the only thing that lack from this bar is the wifi connection. I would love to have a wifi connection. it's available now

Wifi connection (free) only available at the receptionist and the rooms, the internet speed is slow, but well you suppose to enjoy the sea so it's a good thing that the connection is slow :p 

the best rooms that you can choose for Deluxe water villa and sunset water villas are the one that located in the bigger section (start with number 300 and above) the smaller section, some the Deluxe water villas (100-200) are facing the island (the beach and the beach villas)

these are the photo from the sunset premium water deluxe villa

The beach villas, beside the villas (behind the benches) it's the Thai and Italian restaurant

The Gym 


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