14 August 2013

Accidentally Throw something in the Rubbish Chute Singapore - How to retrieve

Accidentally threw something into the Rubbish Chute / Rubbish Bin in Singapore? 
How to recover the valuable / important stuff from the Rubbish Chute in Singapore? 

If you throw something (important / valuable) accidentally into the rubbish chute: Here what you can do to recover / retrieve it: 

1. Call the town council to open up the centralized rubbish chute for you
 Here is the list of the town council, go to the respective town council website and find the phone number / hotline under contact . 

2. Usually they will give you the phone number of the person in charge 

3. Depends on the person in charge whether he will allow you to access the centralised rubbish chute. In my experience the person said it's cannot be accessed since it's impossible to retrieve it. He mentioned that it's a centralized rubbish chute, need to discharge all the rubbish in order to look for it. 

4. The next best thing that you can do it's to wait for the rubbish truck pick up the trash from the rubbish bin chute, you can ask the person in charge to give you the timing.  or you can ask the company that responsible for the rubbish pick up. 

5. at "the appointed time" ask the worker whether you can look for your item.  

In the end I didn't manage to find out the timing for the pick up, and I need to work so that's it ... so sad but need to let it go.

6. Let it go, if you can't retrieve the item. no matter how expensive or valuable it is, it's just an item. if it happens that your kid / spouse that threw it away, remember this that they are more important and valuable that the item.

It didn't go well for me, I lost the item but for you all the best. I really hope that you can retrieve your item from the rubbish chute cause I know the pain throwing away something that is so valuable (not only because of the price but also the memories along with the item).

All the best for you and please share your experience :)  in the comment*

*when you leave a comment you may not see it immediately appear, all comments are subjected for approval. 

  1. Well that did before but it was an experience doing this sh*t alone. Once accidentally throw an item like a gift card with an error in redeeming managed to get it back cuz I cant remember the code xD.


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