19 August 2013

How to Change/ Update / Revise Your Home CPF Payment for HDB / Condo monthly contribution Loan

Revise update or stop your monthly Singapore CPF loan payment. if you want to change / revise / stop / update the monthly amount to pay off your house / HDB / condo loan,

Commence revise or stop CPF payment for monthly housing installments option

follow this guide: 

1. go to https://www.cpf.gov.sg 
2. go to my request on the left side, choose property and click proceed 
3. choose your property loan - HDB or Private and click proceed

4. choose the first option next, commence revise or stop CPF payment for monthly housing installments click proceed. 
*make sure your pop out blocker is disable or simply put cpf.gpv.sg into your safe list browser. 

5. a new window will pop out. choose the revise / cease, expected date of change and the new CPF monthly installment.

6. the next step is pretty straight forward, just press next , a summary  page will be displayed and make sure you click submit for the changes of the monthly cpf loan payment. 

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